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The Aftermath Islands Metaverse project is an exciting open-world massively multi-player game environment built with stunning graphics on the Unreal Engine supported by free-to-earn gaming. The world consists of theme-based islands, communities and estates. Players can own this Virtual Land and will be able to develop these lands for in-game and IRL work, fun and commerce.


Players will be able to engage with virtual environments, work, play, learn, earn, socialize, build, and game in new and innovative ways, both online and offline. Aftermath Islands is developing with traditional game technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality to create new and persistent forms of engagement accessible to the masses.


Aftermath Islands is NOT a crypto project. Aftermath Islands uses blockchain technologies to manage inventories and attributes to create a safe and secure environment of play for all. Aftermath Islands is currently issuing pre-launch NFTs (later redeemable for virtual land and collectibles) on the WAX blockchain with intentions to expand with multichain management of Non-Fungible Tokens. 

The Beta Build is Live!

Aftermath Islands is proud to announce the public release of its first Metaverse Island!   

The Clubhouse is the entry point of our metaverse. 
Create or Log in to your Ready Player Me account at the link below
Interact with NPCs and admire the quality of the environment.
Come back often as we add more features and functionality.

Click here to go to the Clubhouse!
Aftermath Islands&

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The Metaverse is calling all Explorers!
The Aftermath Islands Explorers League has arrived and is inviting only the strongest of spirit and those who crave adventure to join our band of travelers as we set sail for new destinations and the unknown in Aftermath Islands.
Membership is exclusive and is only for the heartiest of souls. Memberships are not transferable and you may only have 1 Membership per person. 

Annual Membership 2022/2023

- Personalized 20% Off Coupon
For use on Purchases on qualified items (cannot be combined with any other discount) in the official Aftermath Islands online store. Delivered on the following Monday from Purchase Date. A valid email must be used for purchase. 

- Exclusive access to the Underground, a unique and exclusive area in the Clubhouse (starting zone) with special shops, events, and privileges. The Underground is expected to launch Q1 2023

- Digital Membership Credential
Requires Liquid Avatar Mobile App (Available in the Apple App Store / Google Play – new territories opening shortly)

- Digital Wearable - Exclusive Aftermath Islands Explorers League item.
To be released by Q1 2023

- Member Only events (in-world and real life)
Meet special guests and get exciting updates

- Exclusive Quests and Scavenger Hunts
Great prizes and rewards await

- Access to Special Offers and Pre-Sales
Be first in line to purchase rare and unique items

And more to come…

All yours for $99 USD annually

Renewable Yearly – 2022/2023 expires December 31, 2023, at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8).

1 membership per user. Liquid Avatar Mobile App required. Not transferrable. Other restrictions may apply.


Theme Islands

A gamer’s delight! Immerse yourself in events, quests and gameplay designed around an individual theme like dragonlore, medieval fighting, alien warfare, dinosaurs, pirates, monsters and more. Some themed islands can host educational and entertainment events.

Explore the Theme Islands

Estate Islands

Want to own a large part of a small island where only a few dozen players have ownership on the same island, then an estate is for you!

Browse for an Estate

Community Islands

For those that want to hang out, play with others, but still have a place to call your own, then a lot may be the right place for you. Players can be part of group activities, guilds, clubs, and other types of activities, or they can just go it alone.

Visit the Community Islands


Islands with special Themes, Features or Partnerships.

Horror Harbor
Lux Lions Oasis
Fab Island
Hemp Hideaway
Earth Base Alpha
Vegas Island


Each island contains 488 Parcels of Virtual Land

Dragon Alley

Smash Island

Survival Island
Wrecked Sands

DinoRoar Alley

Collector Aisle

Harvest Island

Blackforge Bay

Galactic Gateway
Elven Inlet
Camelot Cay
Horseshoe Bay


Each island contains 980 Parcels of Virtual Land

Hellebore Isle
Ivywood Isle
Kangaroo Paw Island
Jasmine Isle
Fernwood Isle
Grapevine Isle
Crestwood Isle
Amber Isle
Driftwood Isle
Bridgeport Isle
Evergreen Isle


Each island contains 18 Parcels of Virtual Land

Comet Cay
Uranus Enclave
Saturn Hideaway
Helios Haven
Jupiter Lagoon
Banner Bay
Grimm Gates
Luthor Lagoon
Odinson Rising
Parker Place
Stark Shelter
Kent Enclave
Wayne Getaway
Logan Refuge
Dot Cay
Mercury Rising
Doom Reef
Bitcoin Bay
Crypto Key
Doge Hideaway
Eth Estates
Musk Manor
Lite Lagoon
Sol Shelter

Meta Hero Kits

Exclusive Custom avatars with gaming skills see https://metaheroproject.com/ for details

Basic Meta Hero Project Kit

Basic Meta Hero Project Kit


Legendary Meta Hero Project Kit

Legendary Meta Hero Project Kit


Meta Hero Random Blind Box

Meta Hero Random Blind Box


Epic Meta Hero Project Kit

Epic Meta Hero Project Kit


Rare Meta Hero Project Kit

Rare Meta Hero Project Kit


Enhanced Meta Hero Project Kit

Enhanced Meta Hero Project Kit



SuperPacks open to reveal mystery items along with BONUS letters (A to Z) / Numbers (0 to 9).

The BONUS “letter(s)” will be used to spell a variety of items, each having limited availability.  Once the item is spelled, it can be redeemed (based on availability).  The “item(s)” will have utility value inside of Aftermath Islands Metaverse. 

Only 500 of each level of SuperPack available.  Start collecting before they are gone!!

Gold SuperPack

Gold SuperPack


Bronze SuperPack

Bronze SuperPack


Silver SuperPack

Silver SuperPack


WAX: The Worldwide Asset Exchange™

The WAX Cloud Wallet

Aftermath Islands' Virtual Land, products and gifts are delivered in the form of an NFT. Therefore it is necessary to create a WAX Cloud Wallet to securely store these NFTs on the Wax Blockchain. From here you can resell the NFTs or hold on to them for redemption for your parcels of land when Aftermath Islands becomes playable.

The Most Active Blockchain

With over 325k daily users, WAX is the most used and transacted blockchain ecosystem globally for NFTs — providing the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual and physical items to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Begin by clicking the Get Started button below and telling us who you are and we will send you step by step instructions to creating a wallet.

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