Own Your Piece of Metaverse Paradise

Here’s your chance to get your very own private lot of land in the metaverse!

It’s easy. Just buy an Aftermath Island Parcel of 1, 5, 10, 25 or more lots of Virtual Land (VL), and it’s yours forever. You can keep it, trade, or sell it. It’s your choice. You can also build on it and will be able to charge others for goods and services on your land.

WAX Wallet and a valid credit card, PayPal or Coinbase account are required to purchase Aftermath Islands virtual land.

WAX Wallet is the storage account that will securely store your NFTs on the WAX blockchain. From here you can resell the NFTs or hold on to them for redemption for your parcels of land when Aftermath Islands becomes playable.

PLEASE NOTE: Virtual Land Deeds may up to one week to appear in your WAX Wallet due to verification process and fraud delay.

Orders will be in USD as well as all currencies including crypto accepted by PayPal or Coinbase. See website footer for full list of payment options.

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  • STEP 1

    Click button below to begin the registration process. It will open the Wax Cloud Wallet page in a new browser tab.

  • STEP 2

    Create an account with your exisiting Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch or Discord account by clicking on the icon located above the username/password fields.

  • STEP 3

    Return here and and start the search for your new Metaverse paradise on Aftermath Islands.

  • Theme Islands

    This is where the fun begins. Each themed island will be a gamer’s delight where you can immerse yourself in the events, quests and gameplay designed around an individual theme like dragonlore, medieval fighting, alien warfare, dinosaurs, pirates, monsters and more. Some themed islands can host educational and entertainment events.


  • Community Islands

    For those that want to hang out, play with others, but still have a place to call your own, then a lot may be the right place for you. On Community Islands, players can be part of group activities, guilds, clubs, and other types of activities, or they can just go it alone.


  • Estate Islands

    Want to own a large part of a small island where only a few dozen players have ownership on the same island, then an estate is for you!


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