Epic Meta Hero Project Kit

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Epic Meta Hero Project Kit

Epic Meta Hero Project Kit

$2,500.00 Sale Save

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Epic Meta Hero Project Kit
Kit Purchasers will skip the recruit phase of the program and begin with:
Your choice of one of seven Character Classes
5 of the maximum 6 skills a Meta Hero can earn
5 of the maximum 6 powers a Meta Hero can earn
1 custom face and 1 body customization
1 future revision of the face and body of your avatar
Image is a representation only; Class, gender, skin tone, face and body type will be chosen at time of customization.
Total Basic Meta Hero Project Kits available: 1,000
You must use a valid/monitored email address to make this purchase so that we may contact you with a customization form and deliver your files.
See https://metaheroproject.com/ for complete details.

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