Distiller Chest

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Distiller Chest

Distiller Chest

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Ability to distill from organics a variety of alcohol, medicines, and reagents

This is a Limited Profession.
This Chest will be exchanged for an in game Medallion that represents this Profession that allows the player holding it to carry out these duties as an active member of the Aftermath Islands economy.
At this time, prior to gameplay launch, a player may hold as many of any type of Profession Chests as they desire but it is our hope that the player seeks to be active in these professions.  A player may not hold 2 Medallions of the same profession.
This Chest contains 6500 in-game utility tokens. This Chest may be redeemed for utility tokens when they become available, or an in-game gift card at any time representing the original purchase price. If the Player chooses the redemption for utility tokens or gift card option, this Chest will be returned to Aftermath Islands and the player will not receive the Medallion it represents.

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